Is the Google Mobile Update Hurting Your Website?

The Google Mobile Update launched recently and you have heard of it right? If you haven’t, or your website isn’t mobile ready, you should definitely read through the following FAQ to get a better understanding of how the update will affect your website in the coming weeks.

Google on laptop next a mobile phone. Google Mobile Update.

Google regularly updates their search engine algorithms. Recently they rolled out a major update that focuses on mobile friendliness. If your website isn’t optimized to be viewed on a mobile device, it might not rank well when searchers use their cell phone for Google Searches.


Q: What is the Google Mobile update?
A: The Google Mobile Update is a reworking of Google’s search engine algorithms to test sites for mobile-friendliness. This will likely lead to better search engine rankings for sites optimized for mobile devices.

Q: Who will it affect?
A: The Google Mobile update will affect everyone, but only with mobile device use. If you are searching for things, or want to be found, on mobile devices then the Google Mobile update will affect you.

Q: So my search engine rankings are safe if users are searching from a PC/MAC/desktop/laptop?
A: Yes. Search algorithms on these devices will not test for mobile friendliness.

Q: What about tablets?
A: Tablets are not considered mobile devices. Cell phones only.

Q: How do I know if my site is mobile friendly?
A: Use Google’s mobile friendly tool.

Q: So, if I make my site responsive/mobile friendly today, when will Google update their results?
A: It depends on many factors and is different in each situation. It seems that it is a real-time algorithm, so updates should come fairly quickly, usually within a few days.

Q: Can my web pages be more mobile friendly than my competitors?
A: Nope. Either your web page is mobile friendly or it’s not.

Q: Does the Google Mobile Update look at my site as a whole, does it index pages individually?
A: The mobile friendly update works on each page. If you have optimized pages they will still show up in mobile search results. Only pages that aren’t optimized have the potential to be penalized.

Q: Will my search engine rankings on mobile devices be affected immediately?
A: Maybe, but probably not. Google has indicated the update will take a few weeks to roll out completely.

Q: Will large brands and big companies be affected as well?
A: Not really. Most large brand or big companies are already mobile friendly, but in the event that they aren’t they will still likely outrank other sites for certain search terms regardless of where the search originates. There are still many factors that play a role in search results, including relevancy, traffic, social media, etc. Mobile friendliness will play a major role, but is not the deciding factor. High quality content can still be indexed in the search results on mobile devices, but then again, it might not be.

Q: Will Google delist my site from search if I do not go mobile friendly?
A: Nope. Your site might be less likely to show up above similar websites when users are searching for your services on a mobile phone. Then again, maybe they won’t. Should you make sure your website is mobile friendly? Probably, but don’t let shady SEO “experts” use fear and false information to intimidate you into buying something. Do your research, and if you decide it is a good idea for your business (generally it is), then look into finding a good SEO/web designer to assist you.

The Google Mobile Update Bottom Line

Obviously this is a big and important update, and you should consider updating your website to be mobile friendly. That being said, it isn’t something you should be intimidated into. If your website isn’t currently responsive or mobile friendly, you should explore what it would take to update it accordingly, and take steps to make it a reality in a way that fits your business goals and budget. If you are having a new website built, you should make sure it is responsive or mobile ready from the start.

If you are having a website designed, make sure that it has a responsive or mobile ready component. Google Mobile Update.

If you are having a website designed, make sure that your new website is mobile friendly.

If you have any questions about the Google Mobile Update, or would like help updating your website, please feel free to comment below, or contact me.