Business websites: Being all they can be

When small businesses are setting up or redesigning their web presence they often focus on the wrong things. They place a high priority on latest and greatest components without giving much thought to business critical aspects of their web presence like search engine optimization, measurable outcomes, or return on investment (ROI). Unfortunately, this is sometimes encouraged by the designer for various reasons that may include inflated project cost or unchecked creative license.

The problem is that while a web design should be up to date and attractive, the primary focus needs to be on factors relevant to your business strategy. Can your potential clients or customers find your site, navigate it successfully, and respond easily to your call to action? If flashy components help your business improve ROI and conversion rates then certainly use them. If they do not, then consider their use carefully and be sure to assess their value. Sometimes less is more.

In order to help make sure your business website is being all it can be, consider the following as you set out to begin your next web design project.

1. It’s a team effort

Trust is integral to any design project. Take the time to fully discuss your project with your designer. During the beginning stages, your designer should be working with you to get an understanding of your business and how your website can help your business reach its goals. If this isn’t part of the process, you might want to consider a new designer.

2. Content is king

Your content is a critical aspect of your web design. Always keep in mind that people go to websites to carry out specific tasks related to your business. In most cases they want to learn something about the goods or services you offer or get information on how to solve a problem. Your business website should do this efficiently and effectively.

There are many elements that can be incorporated into your webdesign. Whether it is responsive design, animation, or something else make sure it is helping your website achieve specific goals.

There are many elements that can be incorporated into your website design. Whether it is responsive design, animation, or something else make sure it is helping your business website achieve specific goals.

3. Designs always go out of style

Avoid trying to keep up with the latest and greatest in web design or putting too much emphasis on current design trends. It will drive you crazy and will often lead to many, many revisions to your website. Which will then lead to many, many deductions from your bank account. Instead, focus on working with your designer to come up with a design that matches your style and is representative of your business. Focus on making sure your business website is attractive, professionally done, and extremely useful to your visitors.

4. Your Business website should evolve and grow with your business

Markets and ideal customers change. The same should be true for your business website. This means that analysis of relevant data is important and should be used to improve site design and effectiveness. Keep in mind that what currently works might be ineffective next quarter. Just like most other aspects of your business you should be capable of adapting to changes in your business environment.